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 The sole shareholder of the Company is Vision Fund International religious non-commercial corporation (registered at 800 West Chestnut Avenue, Monrovia, California 91016, USA) – the holder of 100% common (ordinary) shares of the Company.

SEF International UCO LLC has no significant participants.

The company's authorized capital consists of its participants‘cost of deposits which is 1,302,886,000 AMD. The authorized capital is divided into 100 shares. Face value per share is 13,028,860 AMD.

Company’s sole participant decides changes in its capital.

In 31.01.2013, for market expansion and development purposes the Vision Fund International nonprofit Religious Corporation decided to increase the authorized capital by 66,320,000 AMD, by which the nominal value of each share become 13,028,860 AMD.

The company does not disclose the Central Council of 02.06.09. No. 166 On Approving "Banks, credit institutions, insurance companies, insurance brokers, investment companies, the Central Depository and payments by disclosure of information" 8/03 Regulation 25, paragraph 3 of the referred information, as the Company does not have small part of the participants.

VisionFund is the microfinance subsidiary of World Vision. In 1993, World Vision International (WVI) began to implement microfinance programming to benefit the economically active poor. In 2003, WVI recognized the importance and complexity of this ministry through its MFIs, and created VisionFund International (VFI) as a wholly-owned subsidiary of WVI. VFI is mandated by WVI to:
1. Provide governance, risk management control and specialty advice/support to all of its MFIs whether owned or controlled by VisionFund or WVI.
2. Manage the funding of all MFIs including donations and debt financing from VFI & third parties directly to the MFIs.

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