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This product is intended for small and medium enterprises, which immediately need resources to replenish the working capital and make investments.
Business express-plus loans with guarantee "Yerevan" branch 

Conditions Description
Borrower Private entrepreneur, legal entity
Application fee AMD 5.000
Currency of the credit USD
Loan amount USD 3.000-10.000 
Loan maturity  
3-36 months,  replenishment of the working capital and capital investments
Periodic repayments of credit amount and interest amount Monthly
Each year in January and February, grace period on loan principal repayment is defined. During mentioned months the borrower pays only interest payments.
Nominal interest rate  13% 
Existence of active business At least 3 months
Security(collateral) type Acceptable standards for loan guarantors
  • Guarantor is individuals who has not affiliated salary income with the borrower and whos net monthly salary is more than AMD 100 000 and who work in the workplace for at least 3 months 
  • Individual not affiliated with the borrower and who is 100% property owner 
  • With the current PE / entrepreneur / with current registration deadline at least 12 months
At least 3 guarantors needed, from which at least one has not affiliated salary income with the borrower 
Loan disbursement up-front fee 3 %, installed at the moment of loan disbursement
Monthly service payment 0.2 %
 In the case of prepaid loans, the fee is charged according to the number of days used                    
Repayment of overdue liabilities For each delayed day a penalty in the amount of 0.3% of the overdue amount shall be accrued starting from the first overdue day.
Borrower must pay a charge for each overdue payment:
·       In case of  loan contracts for USD 3001- 3500, AMD 5000  
·       In case of  loan contracts for 3501- 5000 , 7500 AMD
·       In case of  loan contracts for 5001- 7000, AMD 10000
·        In case of  loan contracts for more than 7001 USD, AMD 15000
Conditions of early (including partial) loan repayment In case the borrower pays off the loan fully during 4 months after loan disbursement, fee is charged in amount of 1 % of early paid amount.
Loan disbursement methodology Cash or Bank transfer to the borrower’s bank account number or to SEF’s transit account or by bank check.
Approval period 7 working days after receiving all required documents
Criteria for the borrower
  •  At least 12 months of loan history in SEF
  • Borrower’s current loan obligation without collateral (with the expected loan amount) must be less than USD 30.000 or equivalent amount in AMD
  • Borrower must have monthly replenishment of more than 3000 USD
  • Borrower’s loan history must include less than 15 overdue days. and one-time overdue period should not exceed 5 days.
Factors impacting the loan extension
  •  Peculiarities of the economic activities carried out by the customer
  •  Financial indicators of the creditor's activity
  •  History and current state of the credit's business activity
  •  Credit history
  •  Capacity of paying the loan and interest amounts, credit risk
  •  Compliance with SEF’s requirements of internal regulations
Fluctuations of the foreign currency rate may impact the loan repayments.
Sample Loan Repayment Schedule

Loan amount


Loan maturity
24 months 36 months
Monthly repayment rate
5.000 247 178
10.000 495 356
For foreign currency loans the interest rates, late time charges, as well as loan disbursement and service fees and late payment charges are paid in AMD, according to the law about Armenian dram currency regulation and foreign exchange control.
Documents required for loan disbursement.

For private entrepreneurs

  • Loan application
  • Passport and its photocopy of the borrower 
  • Borrower’s social security card and its photocopy
  • Private entrepreneur’s registration certificate
  • Tax code
  • License (if the borrower is engaged in activity that is requried a license)
  • Photocopy of marriage, divorce, death certificate
  • Certificate from borrower’s residention address statement (3rd form) or Passport office
  • Tax, financial and other reports
  • Applicant’s income statement
  • Certificates for other property owned 
  • Loan officer may require other documents concerning borrower’s solvency/credibility
For legal entities
  • Loan application
  • State register certificate
  • Tax code
  • Legal entity’s decision for receiving the loan
  • Director’s passport and social security card
  • Shareholders’ passports and social security cards
  • License (if the borrower is engaged in an activity, which requries a license)
  • Bank account summery
  • Financial reports(Form 1-5)
  • Tax office certificate about payments
  • Loan officer may require other documents concerning borrower’s solvency.
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