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The list of main legal acts regulating the provision of services by SEF International UCO LLC is presented below

1.   Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia
2.   RA Law "On Credit Organizations"
3.   RA Law “On Limited Liabilities Companies”
4.   RA Law "On financial system ombudsman"
5.   RA Law “On bank secrets”
6.   RA Law "On consumer crediting"
7.   RA Law "On currency regulation and currency control"
8.   RA Law "On combating money laundering and terrorism financing"
9.   RA Law "On transfer of funds by payment orders"
10. CBA Board Resolution on Regulation 13 - Technical Adequacy Requirements for Credit Organizations for Registration and Licensing; Record of Branches and Representations; Managers Qualification; Significant Participation in Statutory Fund
11. CBA Board Resolution on Regulation "On publication of information by banks, credit companies, insurance brokers, investment companies, Central Depository, payments processing companies" CBA Regulation 8/03 
12. CBA Board Resolution on Regulation of the minimal requirements and principles  for internal regulation acts for customer compliants (Regulation 8/04)
13. CBA Board Resolution on Regulation of communication between bank and debtor, creditor and client, the terms and minimum requirements (Regulation 8/05)

14. CBA Board Resolution on Regulation 14 - Regulation of Activities of Credit Organizations; Prudential Standards for Activities of Credit Organizations

15. CBA Board Resolution on Regulation 15 - Credit Organizations' Statements; Reporting and Publication

16. CBA Board Resolution on Regulation of Cash Activities of Credit Organization working RA (Regulation 21)

17. The Company’s activities are regulated with the charter of the company, policy statement and other internal legal acts.

All the above mentioned laws and regulations can be explored from and websites.
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