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Partners and Donors of SEF INTERNATIONAL UCO
SEF is collaborating  with World Vision International Donor Network.

Particularly WVUS, WVUK, WV Swiss and WV Canada are the most active donors of SEF.

SEF collaborates with “BlueOrchard Finance S.A.” investment organization since 2007. 

BlueOrchard Finance S.A. has been lending microfinance institutes since 2001, promoting develoment of profitable activities and financial system and improvement of needy popualtion's living conditions. 


SEF has started collaboration in microfinance with "Incofin" since March 2008.

As a private social investment organization "Incofin" makes investments in microfinance institutes, which help entrepreneurs found their business and improve their living conditions.  





 Since 2008 SEF started collaborating with "responsAbility" development structure, which uses its resources for microfinance.

"responsAbility" is an international NGO, which gains to reduce poverty throughout the world by developing microfinance. Each year "Planet Finance"  promotes several millons of microentrepreneurs in about 60 countries by sustainable international investment network.  



                                       KIVA PLATFORM 

Since 2010 SEF has become one of KIVA's 3 armenian partners. SEF has a loan portfel of USD 720,000 within collaboration with KIVA. 

KIVA is a NGO, whose mission is to gather people throgh lending to reduce poverty. 
Mixing internet network and international network of microfinance organiztions, KIVA gives to individuals an opportunity to give loans up to USD 25, by which they help to build opprtinities worldwide. 
KIVA has been founded in 2005 and has more than 140 partners microfinance organizations throughout the world.  


                                 The MIX MARKET 

SIince 2006 SEF has become a member of  "Mix MARKET" informational network.

"Mix MARKET" is an international informational network in microfinance sphere. It provides information about different microfinancial institutes, social and private funds in different countries, which make investments  in microfinancial sphere, microfinancial institues' networks,   consulting firms and state supervising agencies. 

List of shops collaborating with credit purchase loans
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