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KIVA awarded SEF International for social performance strengths
SEF International has been collaborating with KIVA, non profit organization, since 2010. KIVA's mission is to gather people through lending to reduce poverty. 
SEF International was awarded by KIVA with social performance "badges", which appear on a partner's profile on KIVA website:
Social performance shows how organizations go above and beyond to generate positive outcomes for the communities they serve. 
SEF was awarded for two social performance indicators - "Anti - Poverty Focus" and "Clients voice".
"Anti - Poverty Focus" shows how the organization  target poorer populations despite the added costs and difficulties to meet their needs. Poverty can be targeted in different ways, including selecting geographic locations such as rural villages or urban slums where the population is poorer than the general population. Other options for reaching poorer populations may include utilizing poverty assessment tools with each new borrower, and/or offering products and services in a manner that attracts poorer borrowers (such as small loan sizes, uncollateralized loans).
"Clients Voice" shows if the organization listens to its clients needs. Each year SEF makes survey to find out its clients satisfation with services and makes improvements according to the survey's results analysies. 
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